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bike seat cover

The bike seat cover that makes your day. Always a dry behind and an eye-catcher in the bike rack. Available for kids & adults.

Boxcap M

Small bike crate covers, crate included

A cover for your bike crate to protect your luggage from rain and theft. Take a look at our collection Box crate cover M.

Bikecap kids

Bike seat covers for children

Dress up your kid's bike with a catchy Bike seat cover that will be the envy of their friends! Order your favourite from our colourful selection!

boxcap XL

Cover your bike crate with a fancy crate cover to carry your valuables safe and dry. View our total collection Box crate covers.

About BikeCap

BikeCap’s products allow you to fully style your bike according to your liking. BikeCap has the snazziest designs for both young and old. Combine a trendy mix of bike seat covers, box crate covers, handlebar covers and seat padsto make your bicycle unique. BikeCap conquers the world under the motto “Fashionable biking”.

In 2007 BikeCap introduced its first trendy bike seat cover in the Netherlands. By now, the typical designs with the orange-labeled designs can be found worldwide. 

With its large collection trendily designed bike seat covers, box crate covers, seat pads, and handlebar covers BikeCap enables cyclists to cycle in their own unique way. 

More about BikeCap

Top Quality

BikeCap wants to take responsibility during the production proces. We take care of our employees in our factory in Poland. We appreciate their work and are committed to creating and maintaining a good working environment, which is reviewed and approved annually.

When it comes to our products, we only use the finist materials and run several checks during the production process.

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